A few points about the ministry we are developing.  In conjunction with eight churches and E3 Partners, we are in the process of planting new churches in 40 Ngobe villages who have never once heard or seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ in action.  This video (produced by E3 partners) is the very missionaries and people we will be going to serve.  As some of you know, last years trip was to the Darien Province in the southern Panamanian jungles along the Colombian border.  Due to rebel factions fighting for control of the region and the drug industry, the Panamanian Police will not allow travel in this area at this time.  We are praying that the doors open up for further ministry in this area.  Last year there were over 450 professions of faith in Christ as Lord, but we have been unable to go back and disciple any of these people.  So this year we get to go back to Chiriqui Province in mountains of northern Panama closer to the Costa Rica boarder.

Panama 2010

Who will go? Here I am Lord, Send me!

Here are a few bullet points about the ministry.

1.  Our specific focus of ministry is the development of a semi-mobile (guys with backpacks and tents) Bible Institute specific to the Ngobe Indian culture.  Towards the end of the video you saw men who were tribal pastors and missionaries, these are the exact men I am going to be training to study scripture and apply teachings within their lives AND culture of each clan and tribe.

2. Andrew and I return to the mountains June 25th.  We are going with a team from our home church to the villages in the video.  There are at least 40 more villages within two to four day hikes that we plan to reach within the next few years.

3.Please consider becoming a PARTNER with us in prayer or sending forth, you can do so at www.crossridgelife.org/panama

Prayer needs

1. funds for a new 4×4 vehicle, Lazarus has been raised many time, the cost of renting vehicles is taking away from other ministry needs.

2. funds for 1000 Bibles.

3. financial support for the Ngobe missionaries and pastors (the men in the videos).

4. shoes, medical supplies, reading glasses, clothing, toys…(these people have nothing-Literally!  Most women and children do not have shoes.)

5. Bible Institute development.

6. As our family prepares to enter the mission field full-time, please pray for God’s guidance and blessings as we raise support and make plans to transition to a much more mobile life.

Thank you for allowing us to share this with you.  The Bible Institute is in the very initial planning stages.  We are developing curriculum and partnerships right now and pray to have our first training summit in country this fall.  Just to clarify, I am not on staff with E3 (creators of the video).  We partner with them and one of E3’s Local in country missionaries; Moises and Talsidia Vega.  Their ministry web site will give you much greater information.


Again, thank you for your partnership with us in Panama reaching the forgotten Ngobe people in the remote mountains of Central America.  Every prayer, Band-Aide, and penny is needed for the spiritual and physical health of these most gracious and loving people.

The Sieffert Family