What is the value of hard work, are goals really worth setting?

I recently accomplished what I had considered to be one of the biggest tasks or activities an individual can undertake. However, it was completely uneventful, unfulfilling and most of all it didn’t change a thing. It didn’t change my self-concept, it didn’t change my self-image, it didn’t change my economic status, it didn’t change a thing, except my knowledge that it didn’t change a thing. This may very well be an exaggeration, but the fact is we often set goals for ourselves which once accomplished, leave us empty and still searching.

Goal setting has usually been considered more a male behavior or at least more a temperament or personality trait. Some people are not goal driven like me. They don’t base their life on setting out to accomplish specific tasks. I personally, have always been goal oriented. I have had short term and I have had long term goals. They are either conscious or unconscious, given to me by others or set by myself but I have always had goals. In general today’s society has made all of us goal oriented to one extent or another.

A good example of this is what we call credit. There are credit cards, credit unions, credit extensions and of course the dreaded—bad credit. It is everywhere! It is on the television and radio ads with this guy talking really fast about the conditions of credit. It is in the junk mail we all run to the curb every day to open. It is in electronic form on our computer screens next to the list of emails we have yet to read. We all know about credit and we all have goals associated with it. When we are young we set a goal to get it. Once we have it we set a goal to get rid of it. The point is that life is made up of goals; some short, some long but all of us have some sort of goals.

Goals in and of themselves are not at all bad. It is when we start to judge our worth based upon the accomplishment of these goals that we start to find ourselves heading down the road of self-destruction. Our worth lies solely in the work Christ did on the cross. Our value lies solely in the work Christ did in the grave. If you are a born again, spirit filled child of God then you have worth and you have value. God’s plan is to use us to save the world. It isn’t whether we are idealists who want to save a whale or a spotted owl. It is whether we are idealistic enough to save the human race. This won’t come through fewer emissions of carbons gasses or the use of wind and solar power. It will come through us doing what we have been commanded to do and be a good testimony and witness to our neighbor. This means doing what it takes to exemplify a good marriage, a good parent, a good neighbor and yes even a good driver. This is the only goal that really matters.

All the hard work in the world will amount to nothing if we do not set the one goal for ourselves that matters. Finishing my Bachelor’s degree was uneventful and I expect finishing my Masters will be equally uneventful. But listening to the missionaries that come home after the short term mission trips to Panama, Costa Rica, Romania and Kenya I see hard work that matters. Souls are confessing Jesus, churches are being planted where there has never been a witness for Jesus, the only name under which we can be saved. Those who supported these missionaries financially and even more important in prayer understand a goal worthwhile, and completely eventful. I ask again-

Q. What is the value of hard work, are there goals worth setting?

A. Yes, One lost soul saved.